Dangers can linger anywhere in your life. You can be attacked suddenly on the road, at work even in the house for the purpose of robbing property, rape, … When being attacked, you must try to be calm and be able to perform a number of techniques. later in each situation to fight back.

1. When the opponent is holding the hair from the front

Do not struggle because as often do not escape that will be held more painful. Instead, do the following:

Put your right hand up
Left hand to ajar in front of his face.
Move your legs to the side and then force your opponent to fall.

At that time, the opponent will be out of balance, this is your chance to escape.

Tư thế phản kháng khi bị đối phương túm tóc
Opposition posture when the opponent grabs his hair

2. When attacked by a helmet on the road

When you are attacked by a helmet while you are falling, the direction of attack is from top to bottom, raise the arm of the opponent’s neck, hold the other hand of the opponent’s hat tightly, push out.

If you can not push, try to affect some acupuncture points in the opponent’s neck, this is also a dangerous place, the opponent will reduce the attack power or be controlled by you.

3. When a knife is used, a needle is threatened

Immediately ran away. If you have enough confidence and ability, fight back with your fingers.

Reverse wrist position: the thumb is between the pinky and ring finger, the other three fingers hold the opponent’s wrist and bend back.