Discos, bars are entertainment places of all walks of life, where there are many temptations and complex elements. If doing business in this area, it is indispensable for professional security guards. To become a professional security guard in bars and discos in addition to good, professional skills requires both bravery and bravery.

The skills required of a security guard at bars and discos
1. Smart, cunning and flexible in handling situations
In today’s society, the issue of smart agility in handling work is essential. Especially for the specific security industry such as bars, discos, who stand out to protect security, order and life for all players at discos and bars.

High responsibility requires security guards who are intelligent, agile, energetic and competent people. In order to wisely identify the bad guys, it is difficult to cleverly handle all situations, thus ensuring safety and security at bars and discos.

2. People with good professional skills
Security guards in bars and discotheques are always learning, going through training, professional and specialized training. Students are strict, serious and train continuously.

The technical and professional skills required of a security guard at discos, bars such as martial arts, swimming, shooting, handling situations, fire prevention, first aid … will help the security guards are themselves, and everyone in the bars and discos where they work.

3. Proficient use of security tools and equipment
In order to complete the assigned tasks, the employee should be well-trained, proficient in using security tools and equipment for security, such as guns, iron rods, electric rods, metal detectors. .

4. The security guard must be knowledgeable about laws and professional requirements and regulations at the workplace

Knowing the law, mastering the rules in the workplace will help the guard prevent unnecessary risks, avoid the temptation of dangerous components at the bar such as drugs, gangs Mafia….

Knowing how to handle unexpected situations, in addition to good external communication will help employees deal with superiors, colleagues and customers properly, bringing work efficiency.

The quality of bar and disco guards

1. Assertive, proactive at work
Guardians doing dangerous jobs need to be flexible, make decisive and proactive decisions in all situations in order to quickly and accurately handle bad incidents. Being assertive and determined to the enemy, actively preventing and preventing objects that bring weapons into bars and discos. Minimize people and property, ensure security and life for entertainers.

2. Polite, gentle and patient in communication, handling work
Security work must come in contact with people from all walks of life. Requiring, in addition to serious qualities, the guard of the bar should have a polite attitude in daily communications and handle the work to ensure the satisfaction of all customers. All employees themselves, when undertaking assigned tasks, must actively study their work, politely polite to show themselves as a person with good culture and style.

3. People with a career
No matter what you do, it requires people to be passionate and love what you do. Professional protection at the bar, the work is quite hard and dangerous, requires a real passion for the new job to bring professional style and smart and smart handling. Have the courage to overcome the obstacles and temptations of the profession.

4. Have good health
For a guard, it is necessary to ensure the health of many jobs that require good physical strength. The job of a nightclub guard, bars often stay up late and handle incidents, violence, so they need to train themselves with a strong physique, tough health and good endurance.