Defenders of the head of state are those who are always under pressure and must be trained in a special environment. The defenders of the Vietnamese heads of state are all extremely trained and extremely difficult recruits. This is a glorious but challenging job for the guard.
In order to become a professional head of state defense, you need to have the following qualifications and skills:

The specialized skills required
1. Proficient in martial arts
For a bodyguard mature martial arts is a must have. This is further enhanced and more professional with a task force to protect heads of state and senior leaders. The person assigned with the task of protecting the head of state must master the martial arts, martial arts, countervailing martial arts …

2. Proficient use of many special weapons
Proficient use of many weapons, especially specialized weapons for the protection of the heads of state such as guns, knives, explosives … Like a rebel gunner, where to hit. , do not make mistakes.

3. Other soft skills
In addition to good martial arts and shooting skills, those who protect the head of state need to be good at soft skills such as swimming, ambulance, basic first aid … to serve and respond promptly in cases. and unexpected situations that occurred during the operation.

4. Fluency in foreign languages
As a person who always protects not only the heads of state of a country, but also the heads of state of other countries when there is a visit. Therefore, the need to communicate with senior leaders is very important. The guard must be fluent in at least 1 foreign language. Meeting the need for communication between nations to ensure the safety of heads of state.

5. Good health is one of the most important factors for guardians
Regularly must be on duty every hour, even 24h / 24h, for visits to heads of state. Make the guard always in the spirit of alertness and the best stamina to maintain the job. Therefore, training to have a healthy body is a top priority of a professional defender, ensuring good health to help the defender operate easily.

6. Good makeup skills
Unlike other security jobs that often reveal their identities. Defenders of the head of state are often equipped and trained like ordinary people to be able to mingle with the crowd without anyone knowing so will ensure the security of the person in need of protection. the best.

Qualities of the guard of the head of state
1. Withstand high pressure and harsh conditions
Responsibility in the process of safeguarding the heads of state is enormous. Requires the guard to always improve the sense of responsibility, and learn at work for the best protection of heads of state.

2. Willing to sacrifice himself to protect the heads of state
The head of state bears the responsibility of managing and carrying the country’s great affairs. So the safety of the head of state is always at the forefront. The security guard is willing to make sacrifices when undertaking this work if anything happens. The guard who considers himself a “shield of life” accepts and is willing to make sacrifices when performing this special task.

3. Highly focused, soft and flexible in any situation
As a defender of the head of state, it is of great importance to ensure the safety of senior officials. So the defender of the head of state is always in a position to take action when an unexpected situation occurs.

Despite being trained in situations, the fact that each protection is completely different from the “lesson plan” requires the guard to actively grasp the situation and have flexible and appropriate manners.

In addition to foreign languages, the guard must have an understanding of the personality, habits of the guest as well as the culture of their country in order to have appropriate diplomatic conduct.

Accuracy, quintessence, quick response, intelligence and sensitivity in every mission situation. must ensure absolute safety for the people who need protection, not let any mistakes happen even the smallest.

4. Train the will and bravery
A defender of the head of state bears an extremely important responsibility in him, so it requires a high sense of responsibility, will, courage and bravery to fight and protect. Each one, when taking part in protecting the leaders of the country and the world, always carries with him the spirit of courage, the strong will and the bravery of the silent soldiers. Unyielding to difficulties and always in a position to confront hostile forces.

5. Absolutely loyal
The guard when doing this dangerous and glorious work, mainly comes from passion, enthusiasm for the country very much. Therefore, those who protect the heads of state will have an absolute loyalty, ready to sacrifice their lives to protect the heads of state.