If you are out on the street, controlled by a bandit, who forces you to give money, give out your possessions, how do you escape the bandit? Here are a few good suggestions for you: Running is the best policy, Fighting the bad guys fiercely to find a way to run away.

With the following skills, you can escape from bandits without losing any property. If the bad guy threatens us with a knife, he will not stab us but only want to get the property but will stab when we resist against his will. You can respond as follows:

Method 1: Run is superior

Often the bandits only dare to threaten us when we go alone in a deserted place because such places help them act more easily. When the thief points the knife straight at us, you can quickly turn to the side and then run to the back quickly, running while shouting: “Help …”

Chạy thật nhanh về phía đông người
Run fast to the east

In the event that both your side and the back are wall, you cannot run away as quickly as possible, you use the reverse rotation. You turn quickly and away from the bad guy, and immediately run away, not stop. The reason to turn away is to avoid bad guys swinging knives at you.

Method 2: Fight bad guys

If we do not want to run away and have enough calm and confidence to fight the bandit, then you can use this method to fight against that person.

When the object with a knife threatens you right in the middle of the road, the most frequent case is that they will use one knife and the other hand to ask you for valuable materials. Based on this feature you can learn how to break the thief’s wrist and then escape safely.

Practice with your own hands: one hand up toward the palm of your hand, the other with your thumb placed between the ring finger and pinkie and the other three fingers grasping the opponent’s wrist. again. When backhanded, that person will hurt and if you are better then you can drag the opponent fell on the ground and run away.

Bạn có thể chống trả lại kẻ cướp rồi bỏ chạy
You can fight the bandits and run away

When restrained, we turn the hips so that the thief’s hand will be in front of us, at that moment we hold the wrist and use the other hand to bend the opponent’s hand. At the same time, using the force to push the opponent forward, that person will fall over the road and we will easily run away.

In case you are not confident, feel that you can not hold the opponent’s wrist exactly, you can hold the upper part and then the other hand cracked thief’s wrist. Then forcefully pull the man forward with both hands and finally run away.

Bẻ cổ tay kẻ cướp rồi bỏ chạy
Break the thief’s wrist and run away

Most people who are threatened by hand robbers are very embarrassed not to fight back but give them money. Because the general mentality is not to want to bring disaster to the body because meeting the request given by the bandits will be released faster. In addition, people are also afraid that when they flee and are captured, they will be beaten and mistreated more.

With the above two ways hope that you can protect yourself from bandits when being threatened with knives in the best way.