For elevators:

Responsibility of office security: to monitor the operation of the elevator to detect possible abnormalities and quickly overcome emergencies, rescue people when the elevator arises. incident unexpectedly.

Security department is responsible for opening and closing the elevator and guide customers to the office to use the elevator as required with polite and courteous attitude.

Control office camera

This is one of the daily tasks and quite important that security guards must ensure not to be missed. Regular camera monitoring will be the fastest base to help detect security breaches, incidents occurring on other floors, especially with tall buildings, when the work is moving. to monitor between floors takes a lot of time.

Each location, each office will have its own characteristics to protect. However, no matter what position, for which building, the security guards always ensure to work hard with the highest sense of responsibility, a reliable place for customers, office workers, owners. Office feels completely secure.

General task

Nam Thien Long SG Security Services – Bodyguard Corporation always has the duty to ensure that all legal assets are within the scope of protection or the assets are listed according to the list of assets handed over. is attached to the Security Service Contract. Ensuring safety does not occur the loss or damage of property due to acts of third parties within the scope of reasonable security guards.

To keep security and order in the premises of the protection target, to ensure that no third parties enter and cause security disorder, sabotage, threat of injury or terrorism, etc. to business activities of the company (company).

In particular, Nam Thien Long’s security staff carries out the work of fire prevention and fighting and rescue when fire and explosion incidents occur within the protection targets.

Check explosion prone areas, electrical systems, lighting systems, fire-fighting office equipment within the protection objectives and notify customers of the current status of the explosion-proof fire protection system. warranties need to be overcome.

Check personal belongings of staff and guests in the protected area upon request and in accordance with Party A.

In case the security guards discover that the thieves of goods and property are under the protection scope, Nam Thien Long security guards arrest them and immediately notify the protection department or manager of the Company.