Thien Nam Long SG Special Event Protection Team works in units on annual cycles, ensuring your event or ceremony will take place successfully, from miting ceremonies and concerts. , music concerts … to fashion shows, inside and outside of sports events, to weddings … Nothing like anything else, our security team also organizes Special for each type of event, each team from 05 to 100 people at a time, provided by Thien Nam Long SG. We escort on the road with the band and control the crowds at concerts, front and backstage, camera area and necessary spots.

Description of the mission to protect the events of Thien Nam Long SG:

For events that are music nights:

Directly safeguard singers, musicians, guests and stands where expensive equipment is available.

Arranging technical and professional facilities at necessary places and places, inspecting people in and out according to assigned tasks.

Detect and promptly handle criminal acts and other bad acts affecting the show.

Organize a mobile maneuver force to quickly resolve incidents when necessary