In the context of diversified competitive economy and the current complex social security situation, there are more and more potential threats to security for any individual, especially VIPs such as politicians, politicians, heads of state, successful entrepreneurs, singers ….

The core security service of Nam Thien Long SG Security Services Joint Stock Company is a service that provides reliable bodyguards, customers who need to be protected will be protected by their bodyguards. I accompanied on request, the route, the key protection measures carefully researched from the security division of Nam Thien Long SG we, with the motto of precautionary prevention, remote containment. Customers will feel secure when guaranteed absolute security by the Bodyguards – Protection of Nam Thien Long SG.

To meet this need We have a mobile staff that responds quickly, has professional standards, respond quickly in all situations to meet the needs of protecting the weak.

The security guards accompany the protection of the weak people (V.I.P):

– Specialized training for the protection of weak people.

– Height weight, martial arts required standards.

– Good moral character, will meet well the requirements of customers who need to be protected in this type.


1. Receive the assignment:

– When being assigned by the superiors to go on a mission to protect people, we must clearly determine that this is the most proud and most honor of Nam Thien Long SG.

– Man himself is invaluable, human relations are extremely rich. Under certain conditions customers feel uncomfortable and have given their entire lives to us for protection. This is really pride but also very difficult. Therefore, every security guard needs to identify well-thought and dare to suffer losses, make sacrifices and not allow mistakes.

– When assigned the task of protecting people, they must master:

+ Nature of protection such as: A tour, festivals, daily work ….

+ Location: All customers request to be protected at any location, fixed or mobile.

+ Time: By hour, day, week, month …

– At the same time, it is necessary to preliminarily find out whether the customer is male or female, what age group, personality … that will help a lot for the later behavior.

2. Preparation work:

– Whether one person or a group, a security team also appoints a person with a comprehensive level to formulate a specific plan that clearly identifies:

+ Objects to be protected: quantity.

+ Duration of protection: What is required?

+ Places to be protected: Fixed or mobile.

– Pose some possible situations to handle:

+ Go to solve, private work, hygiene.

+ Want to meet the audience.

+ Avoiding terrorists.

– Prepare clothes and costumes suitable for customers in specific cases such as visiting, receiving guests, diplomacy, festivals … Convenient at work and handling situations but still ensuring aesthetics. Ensuring high mobility does not constrict travel and affect mobility.

– Nam Thien Long SG will be equipped with ice cream equipment according to: Supporting tools, telephones, positioning monitoring devices, long-range radios, camouflage cameras, binoculars … depending on the requirements of Customers and the actual protection work at each target, location