Currently, there are many bad elements in society, appearing in many places, especially in schools and hospitals, which have caused a lot of anxiety for students, parents as well as teachers. teachers in the school. In addition, increasingly severe school violence has made many students bewildered.

Understanding the psychology as well as the need to Protect the future talents of the country, the teachers bring knowledge to the generations with the school’s facilities and equipment. Therefore, security – bodyguard Thien Nam Long SG was born, hospital security services, school security services to bring absolute safety to patients and their families, students , teachers to all peace of mind learning and teaching.

Our security guards are not only trained in the necessary skills and expertise, but also equipped with the psychological knowledge of the school, from which to reconcile, as well as solve the problems of You, avoid conflict, brawl, violence against each other.

In parallel with the protection of pupils and teachers in the school, the school’s facilities and equipment are also safely protected 24 / 24h. Security staff is always on duty, rotating to guard and patrol the rooms to ensure safety.

Security 24h Company specializes in providing security services with our security guards, not only trained in the necessary skills and expertise, but also equipped with mind knowledge. rational learning, can reconcile, as well as solve the situations that occur, customers feel secure when using the service.

If you want to find out and use the school security services, please contact us – Thien Nam Long SG Security Services Corporation for advice, and make an accurate decision first. when choosing security services.