To ensure order and security, create a comfortable space for guests to enjoy coffee, listen to music, eat or play with friends on holidays, birthdays, weekends ….

JSC security services – bodyguards Thien Nam Long SG is pleased to introduce to customers the model of restaurant security services, bar protection, dance hall, cafe protection … .

Thien Nam Long SG is one of the professional security companies that provide restaurant security services, bar guards, dance clubs, cafe guards …. the most prestigious reputation in Saigon.

For this type of security service, it is mainly required by the owner such as checking and controlling all places arranged with professional security forces during the contract period, regularly checking FPF work. and fire safety, prevent disruptive behaviors, check employee bags before leaving the car and watch the car carefully.

Protect the restaurant – cafe bar

Tasks of employees of Thien Nam Long SG:

– Ensuring security and order, preventing and promptly handling cases of causing trouble, sabotage, or illegal intrusion into the premises of the shop.

– Prevent cases of begging, selling lottery tickets, marketing into bars

– Supervise people in and out, actively detect suspicious objects to coordinate monitoring.

– Prevent cases of carrying explosives, dangerous objects: guns, knives, explosives, poisons …

Protect the Bar club, protect the disco